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Illinois Toward Equity

The Illinois Towards Equity Action Framework and Toolkit aligns and advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility work across Illinois State Government. Illinois Towards Equity (ITE) guides the creation and implementation of DEIA strategies in state agencies and establishes a formal reporting process for accountability toward progress. Developed with state government in mind, ITE focuses on five action domains that speak to both the State workforce and Illinois public:

  1. Training & Education
  2. Opportunity & Advancement
  3. Infrastructure & Accountability
  4. Organizational Culture & Climate
  5. Thriving Communities

The Illinois Towards Equity Framework & Toolkit are available on the Office of Equity’s website to facilitate each agency or organization’s implementation of the Illinois Towards Equity Action Plan. It is adaptable and open for use by community organizations and others committed to advancing equity within Illinois and beyond. We invite you to explore the resources linked below to learn more about the Illinois Toward Equity Framework and the Office of Equity’s work to develop a sustainable statewide infrastructure that normalizes and operationalizes equity, inclusion, opportunity, and access into every aspect of the state's workforce, systems, and services.

  • The Illinois Towards Equity Action Framework and Toolkit describes the strategic vision of the Office of Equity and provides an overview of the ITE infrastructure and its development.
  • The ITE DEIA Action Plan Template outlines the strategic planning process the Office of Equity oversees with state agencies.
  • The ITE DEIA Action Plan Glossary provides operational descriptions of key terms and sections in the DEIA strategic planning process.
  • The ITE SMARTIE goals and objectives worksheet supports state agencies in developing strategic plans that are strategic, measurable, ambitious, realistic, time-bound, inclusive, and equitable.
  • The DEIA Action Plan progress report outlines the reporting process the Office of Equity oversees with state agencies.